Mangaluru, Karnataka

Department of Physiology

“In physiology, no discovery is useless, no curiosity misplaced or too ambitious and we may be certain that every advance achieved in the quest of pure knowledge will sooner or later play its part in the service of man”
– Ernest Henry Starling.

The department of Physiology is located in the 1st floor of SIMS & RC building.

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    Staff faculty Rooms : 7
    Demonstration Room : 2
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    ○ Haematology
    ○ Clinical / Human Physiology
    ○ Mammalian Physiology
    ○ Amphibian Physiology
    ○ Research Laboratory
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    Department Museum
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    Library cum Seminar Room :- 151 books & 7 Journals.
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    Paper publication:-
    International Journal : 3
    National Journal : 5
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    Activities:- Regular seminar are been conducted for dental & physiotherapy students.
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    Ongoing Research Activities :
    ○ Study of effect of Indian classical music on brain activity by using EEG Signals. – Mrs. Pavana
    ○ Cardio Respiratory changes in medical students just before & after attending university practical & viva exam. – Prarthana K.G.
    ○ Qualitative and quantitative analysis of EEG in drivers while simultated driving. – Mrs. Pavana
    ○ EEG changes in medical students undergoing meditation training for 4 weeks. – Mrs. Pavana
    ○ Effect of bicyclic ergometry on blood pressure on boys and girls of age between 20-28 years. – Dr. Vishrutha K.V.
    ○ Effect of aerobic execrise on blood pressure. – Dr. Vishrutha K.V.
    ○ Effect of beetroot juice on lowering blood pressure in free living, disease free adults a randomized, placebo controlled trial. – Dr. Vishrutha K.V.
    ○ Effect of sugarcoated cold beverages on childhood obesity. – Dr. Chaitra U
    ○ Effect of moderate exercise on intraocular pressure on boys and girls of age between 20-28 years. – Dr. Chaitra U
    ○ Effect of honey and lime juice on BMR- Dr. Prarthana K.G.
    ○ ECG changes in offspring of type 2 diabetes mellitus – Dr. Arati P Rao.
    ○ Autonomic function tests in offspring of type 2 diabetes mellitus – Dr. Vishruthra K. V.
    ○ Effect of Music on HRV in medical students – Dr. Arati P Rao.
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    Post Graduate : MD Physiology 2 Seats.
SL.No. Designation Name Qualification
1 Professor Dr. Udaya Kumar Rao MBBS, MD
2 Professor Dr. Vishrutha K.V. MBBS, MD
3 Asst. Prof. Dr. Chaitra U. MBBS, MD
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Maninder Kour M.Sc, PhD
5 Tutor Mrs. Pavana Krishnamoorthy  M.Sc.
6 Tutor Ms. A. Sindhu M.Sc.
7 Tutor Dr. Krishna MBBS