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Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the SIMSRC Section of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

These pages provide information on the wide variety of surgical procedures performed by our team of highly trained surgeons, covering the entire spectrum of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from breast reconstruction to craniomaxillofacial and microsurgery.

Our goal is to provide you with the finest healthcare available in a compassionate and accessible environment. We take pride in being at the forefront of medicine and putting our patients’ needs first.

Plastic Surgery

    plastic Surgery deals with surgery required for correction of various anatomical deformity deficits (lost portion) and correction of defects due to functional deficits

    The anatomical deformity and deficits could be congenital (like cleft lip, cleft palate, haemangiomas, syndactyly (jointed fingers), polydactyly (extra fingers), etc ) y acOuired (post operation following cancer treatment or following trauma like reconstruction of 6yelids, lips, nose etc ).

    Function deficits includes loss of function of hand, facial nervEpalsy etc

    Treatment of burns & wound care using various newer modalities like negative prerome dressing, antologeus platelet rich plasma forms major bulk of work skin graft & flaps are used for final wound closma by plastic surgeons. Advanced wound care and special foot care is given by plastic surgeons where linrb salvage is needed for diabetic foots.

    Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery that deals with beautification of normal appearing part these surgering includes scan revision rhinoplasty, blephonoplasty, eyebrow left, breast aesthetic surgery, liposuction & lipectomy is done to deals with excess fat in obesity liposuction give good aesthetic result in enlayers male breast (geynaecomasta) Replantation of amputated part is done in specialized microvasculars units of plastic surgery.

    Post traumatic and congenital face, skull, face bone & soft tissue defects are managed by plastic surgeons specially tr”ained in craniofacial surgery.

    Lyniphedema is defect to treat & cause difficult to walk due to huge swollen leg.

    Plastic surgeons are involved in treatmept of lymphedema.

Dr Adil Mahmud Ali

MBBS, MS(General Surgery),MCh (Plastic and Reconstructive surgery)

This Super Speciality will caters to all age group patients with Burns, Wounds, Diabetic foot, Aesthetic problems, obesity, various deformities including contracture, and craniofacial fracture .


  • 1
    Burns-acute and post burn contractures
  • 2
    Maxillofacial trauma
  • 3
    Hand and micro neurovascular surgery
  • 4
    Head face neck oncoplastic reconstruction
  • 5
    Diabetic foot and non healing ulcers
  • 6
    Congenital anomalies : cleft lip,palate and craniofacial anomalies, hypospadias and congenital hand anomalies