Department Of Public Health Dentistry

The specialty of public health dentistry today stands at the cross-roads of time with a very innovative future ahead. This specialty takes pride in being the only department which forms the first level of contact with the community and is keen on working for the community at the grass root level, with the only aim to detect and alleviate oral health related problems. The fine coordination between department and various other sectors; both private and government, guides us to conduct spectrum of activities keeping in mind the principles of primary health care.

The services rendered are irrespective of any differentiation with community participation and various sectors involved. The very nature of this specialty enables the department to utilize the available resources so as to get the right grasp of oral health issues, so that measures are taken at the right moment for maximum benefit.

Department Goal

A society with zero oral health and related problems with active involvement of the community.

Faculty List

Name Designation
Dr. Sreevidya Bhat Reader
Dr. Kripal Rai Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Ardra M.P Tutor
Dr. Parvathy Rajeev Tutor

Course Details

Theory classes and clinical postings are started from III BDS onwards. Theory classes are divided into public health and dental public health sections. The main aim is to provide the students a gist of the community one is living in, with burden of oral disease and ways to reduce the same. Students have to attend dental camps and are encouraged to give oral health education to the community. It becomes the responsibility of the students to customize their oral health talk depending on the prevalence of oral diseases, target population and oral hygiene practices prevalent in the community.

Field programs like visit to a dairy plant (milk Pasteurization), water treatment facility (water purification) and primary health centers (health system of India) are compulsory to attend which prepares the student to have a broad view of various public health measures undertaken by the government and question the credibility, if need arises.

The knowledge gained by the students are tested using theory and practical internal assessments. In addition, new methods like Problem Based Learning (PBL), and Open Book Test (OBT) are also initiated.