Department Of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Conservative dentistry is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the conservation of teeth in the oral cavity. It embraces the practice of restorative Dentistry & Endodontics.

Our team headed by Dr. Lavanya Varma is well equipped and fully fledged with enthusiastic, highly qualified & dedicated clinical faculty and paramedical staff. The main concern of the department is satisfaction of the patients & rendering immediate care.

The primary goal encompasses the diagnosis and treatment sequelae to dental caries, technique & procedures to restore teeth to full function & appearance, root canal treatment, various Esthetic treatment modalities & any concerned Surgical procedures.

The department renders treatment to various dental diseases like dental caries, pulp & peri-radicular diseases, discolored teeth, traumatized & hypersensitive teeth & also management of dental pain.

The department has equipped two clinical sections; One for Undergraduate students & other for Post graduate students (for future purpose).

Our aim is to provide quality care to all our patients along with ethical treatment.


In our department the teaching will be categorized in three different steps. In first year of their course, various materials used in dentistry and their handling properties are acquainted to the students which is further elaborated in the second year of their course.
During the second year of their course, the training to students begins on typhodont teeth where the students are taught pre-clinical restorative procedures prior to treating case by themselves with continuous monitoring.
The third and final year, where the students make use of their basic training skills to gain adequate clinical experience required for general dental practice. They also learn and develop communication skills to prevent and manage complications encountered during any dental procedures.
They also have twelve months of compulsory rotatory internship and rural posting as per DCI norms.
We believe in providing quality education along with overall personality development and growth of the students.


The department is always on a progressing front as far as quality of treatment rendered to patients is concerned.

Sl. No. Name Designation
1  Prof. (Dr.)Lavanya Varma Prof. & H.O.D
2 Dr. Pavithra Sampath Reader
3 Dr. Souparna Madhavan Reader
4 Dr. Shreyas Rai Reader
5 Dr. Kishore Shetty Reader
6 Dr.Bettina Ashwini Vergis Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr. Sonia Preshma D,Souza Sr. Lecturer
8 Dr. B. Divya Bhat Sr. Lecturer
9 Dr. Ashwith Sr. Lecturer
10 Dr. Priyanka Sr. Lecturer
11 Dr. Mohini Nayak Sr. Lecturer
12 Dr. Sulochana Tutor
13 Dr. Nazeeya Hussan Tutor
14 Dr. Nisam .V Tutor