Department Of Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial Radiology

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    Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology (OMR), is a speciality of dentistry, which deals with systematic clinical examination, radiological investigation and non surgical management of diseases afflicting the oral and paraoral structures.
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    This speciality is a unique amalgamation of oral diagnosis and medical management with oral imaging modalities.
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    An OMR specialist is also trained to manage dental diseases in medically compromised patients and be a part of the multi-speciality team formed for patient care.
  • 4
    The dental conditions managed by OMR specialists include Orofacial pain, including temporomandibular disorders (TMD), Mucosal diseases, Oral cancer and complications of cancer therapy, Dental care for patients with disabilities, Salivary dysfunction and Oral manifestation of systemic diseases.
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    The department consists of clinical section, sterilization chamber, nurse station, radiology section and patient waiting area.
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    Our radiology section of the department is equipped with dental x-ray unit, an OPG (extraoral imaging) machine, Radiovisiography and a processing unit.
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    The department fulfils the necessary requirements as per the DCI norms.
  • 8
    The students are trained in this speciality for a period of two years. The training commences in the IIIrd year of the undergraduate course and culminates at the end of IVth year when the candidate appears for the university exam.
  • 9
    Our goal is to foster dental graduates with adequate knowledge to examine, identify and manage basic oral diseases. The students are also trained to cater to oral health requirements of medically compromised patients. We also equip the students with basic knowledge about acquisition and interpretation of radiographic images.
  • 10
    The department is looking forward to initiate scientific research in the speciality.


1 Dr. Gayathri S Rao Reader & Incharge Head
2 Dr. Stuti Goyal Senior Lecturer
3 Dr. Nishith Kumar MS Senior Lecturer
4 Dr. Shruthi M Senior Lecturer
5 Dr. Shruthi Hegde Senior Lecturer
6 Dr. Rashmi K Senior Lecturer
7 Dr. Medhini Madi Senior Lecturer
8 Dr. Nazeeya Hassan Tutor