Department Of Periodontics

Periodontics is a speciality of dentistry which deals with the structures surrounding the teeth, which includes gingiva (gums), periodontal ligament, alveolar bone (jaw bone) and cementum. In this department we diagnose and treat the diseases and conditions that affect the above structures. The two broad categories of infection affecting these structures are gingival (gums) andperiodontal diseases. These are manifested as bleeding gums, bad breath, teeth sensitivity, itching gums, pus discharge, abscess, swollen gums, mobile teeth, receding gums, etc.

Recently the diseases of gingiva and periodontal tissues are correlated with the systemic conditions, hormonal imbalances and drugs. Common systemic conditions that affect the periodontal healthare diabetes, pregnancy, and drugs such as antihypertensive(amlodipine, nifedipine) and anticonvulsants,etc.

The treatment of various periodontal diseases includes scaling, root planing, flap surgery, mucogingival surgery, etc.

Apart from these we also play a role in aesthetic dentistry which involves the treatment of gummy smile, black gums (depigmentation – when gums are black and visible while smiling), crown lengthening and plastic surgery.

Recently, introduction of lasers in this subject has helped in painless, bloodless procedures like crown lengthening, depigmentation,frenectomy and our department is equipped with the same.

Tosummarize, our treatment involves scaling, making mobile teeth firm, correcting the unaesthetic gums. In the end, we also take care of the implants, after they are placed, by maintaining the peri-implant structures.

We also educate and motivate the patients towards oral hygiene and for other required dental procedures.

The subject of periodontics will be taught from third year of undergraduate curriculum. Students will be imparted with theoretical and clinical knowledge in order to treat and prevent periodontal disease, clinical skills in communicating with patients, giving them an insight into the patient’sexisting periodontal problem and ethically treating the same. This also trains them to obtain a proper clinical history, examination of patient, perform diagnostic procedures and to arrive at a provisional diagnosis about the existing periodontal condition. We try to inculcate in our students the knowledge of personal hygiene and infection control, prevention of cross-infection and safe disposal of hospital waste.

In short, our job in this department is “to prepare our students for the road, and not prepare the road for our students with an attitude of ZT4BG (Zero Tolerance For Bleeding Gums)”.


Sl. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Sharath K.S Professor & Head
2 Dr. Chandni.S Reader
3 Dr. Deepa Shetty Reader
4 Dr. Sheehan D’souza Senior Lecturer
5 Dr. Sushmita Mankude Senior Lecturer