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Clinical Society is an academic forum that supports an institution in its mission to create and nurture professionals who are committed to alleviating suffering caused by disease. Clinical society was established under the guidance of Prof. Dr. K Reshma Pai, Dean, Srinivas Institute of Dental sciences. The society was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. K Reshma Pai, Dean and Chairperson of Clinical Society, Dr. Sreevidya Bhat, Co-ordinator, Prof. Dr. Nitesh Shetty and Prof. Dr. Shailesh Kudva, Senior members of Clinical Society on 28th February 2022. All the Staff, Post Graduate Students and Interns participated in the program. The program began with Dr. Pooja, Intern, rendering invocation song. Dr. Sreevidya welcomed all the dignitaries. Dr. Reshma Pai, addressed the audience and spoke about the functioning of clinical society. Dr. Nithesh Shetty and Dr. Shailesh Kudva spoke about the clinical society functioning and its importance and clinicopathological discussion which are conducted as part of clinical society meetings. Dr. Nikil Monteiro presented a case report. Dr. Apoorva Kamath delivered vote of thanks. Dr. Varsha Shetty and Vaibhavi were the Masters of Ceremony.

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