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Principals Message

Dr. Shreeprakash B Principal

Dr. Shreeprakash B

Technological development in a country primarily depends on how the Engineers are going to put their knowledge into practice. Strong fundamental concepts with innovative mindset is the requirement of the present day Engineers. Our main motto in educating the budding Engineers is to lay a very strong foundation for the future circumstantial adaptation in the practical field. Strengthening the fundamental concepts and exposure to the current development and future trend is our main aim in teaching in the Technological environment.

A. Shama Rao Foundation, since its inception, is offering the best education in many fields by providing world class infrastructure and teaching faculty. Srinivas School of Engineering, built with the concept of modern architecture, is imbibing and exhibiting all the requirements of a Model Technological Knowledge Centre. With its location, infrastructure, faculty strength and with a visionary management being a strong backbone, I am very confident that the institution is growing exponentially and will reach to further heights in the future.