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Learning Model

The Learning Model of the PGDM Programme at Srinivas School of Business (SSB) is designed to enhance the leadership qualities in you to make you competitive to face Global Business Environment and the inherent competitions.

The Learning Model in SSB involves, in addition to Class room teaching, Seminars, Guest Lectures and the like, Leadership Development Programme, 360-degree assessment of Students, Workshops, Entrepreneurship Training and Experiential Learning Programme

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme (LDP) of SSB is based on faculty and peer feedback and introspection. It inculcates a spirit of team play and leadership through a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and group practice sessions. A three-fold approach of self-reflection, peer evaluation and facilitator intervention is used to make the LDP more effecting and challenging. Essential skills for leadership like effective listening and communication, presentation, team building, assertiveness and problem solving are developed rigorous training. Students get to learn the technical skills, emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities required to be a leader.

360degree Assessment of Students

360degree assessment of students uses structured observations’ reporting system to systematically collect opinions about a person’s behaviour/ performance from  multiple people classmates, faculties, team leaders, etc. who have valuable observations on the person’s strengths and areas of development. Students will be assigned to small learning groups with one designated faculty to guide. The guide will help students explore their feedback; develop personal goals based on the feedback they have received; and plan to take up challenges to strengthen their leadership capability. The 360degree assessment of students is repeated every trimester to understand their progress and take further measures to improve their performance.


Students at SSB will get opportunities to participate in experiential skill-building workshops during the first four terms. The themes for these workshops will vary depending on the trends in the Industrial scenario and the reports of 360degree assessment of students. In general the themes will consist of Interpersonal Skills, Working Effectively in Teams, Presentation/Communication Skills, Business Problem-Solving, etc.

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Srinivas School of Business offers elective courses in Entrepreneurship to foster the talented students to take-up entrepreneurial ventures in the later part of their life. Students opting for this program will get guidance on setting up your own entrepreneurial venture. They will get an exciting introduction to the process and practice of entrepreneursentrepreneurship and new venture creation. .

Experiential Learning Programme

The Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) for the PGDM students allows them to work in teams with on real-world business issues, giving them the chance to apply the learning outside the classroom setting and gain new perspectives on business and major global issues. These projects will enable students to integrate the learnt concepts in the core terms and to apply the skills of consulting in developing industry specific expertise. The student teams will conclude the project by providing recommendation and presenting their finding to the company’s management. This is a credit course and is taken very seriously by the students.

The areas of study will include Market Positioning and Entry Strategies, New Product Development, Developing Growth Strategies, Talent Management Strategies, etc.