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Courses Offered

PGDM Program:

Srinivas School of Business (SSB) is an autonomous business management training institution recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Karnataka State Government. The school offers two years, six trimesters industry oriented Post Graduate Diploma Programme (PGDM) equivalent to MBA Programme of Indian Universities.

Program Structure:

Bridge Course:

The Bridge course is an intensive Programme for two weeks, with four modules covering Quantitative Techniques, Accounting, Computers, and Business Statistics. These courses are optional. However, the faculty will not repeat these topics in the elective and core courses.

   Sub. Code  Subject Hours
   BR 1 Quantitative Techniques 16
   BR 2 Business Accounting 16
   BR 3 Computer & Internet for Business 10
   BR 4 Business Statistics 16

Orientation Program: Two day Orientation emphasizes teamwork and class spirit through a variety of social and recreational activities. Students spend their time registering for courses, settling down, and familiarizing themselves with Mangalore, the School, and one another.

General Management Basics: Trimester I of 12 weeks covers the basics of general management through nine papers. This trimester is designed to understand basic concepts of Business Management and Communication.

Sub. Code. SUBJECTS Credit
   GM 1.1 Principles of Management 4
   GM 1.2 Business Accounting 4
   GM 1.3 Marketing Management  I 4
   GM 1.4 Micro Economics 4
   GM 1.5 Operations Management I 4
   GM 1.6 IT Concepts for Management 2
   GM 1.7 Quantitative Methods 4
   GM 1.8 Business Communications 2
   GM 1.9 Communicative Practice Laboratory 2
Total 30

General Management Perspectives: Trimester II of 10 weeks covers broader perspective of all functional area and essentials of practical business management. This trimester is designed carefully to understand the various functional areas of management in depth.

Sub. Code. SUBJECTS Credit
   GM 2.1    Financial Management    4
   GM 2.2    Marketing Management  I    4
   GM 2.3    Macro Economics    4
   GM 2.4    Operations Management II    4
   GM 2.5    Organizational Behavior    4
   GM 2.6    Data  Analysis and Decision Making    4
   GM 2.7    Strategic Leadership & Indian Ethos    2
   GM 2.8    Business Ethics and Corporate Governance    2
   GM 2.9    Environment Management    2
   Total    30


General Management Foundation: Trimester III of 14 weeks covers in depth knowledge of advanced areas of business management and the essence of industry and NGO exposure through summer internship. This trimester lay a strong foundation on hot topics of business management and gives an idea about the project work in industry as Summer Internship and an ethical human touch through NGO training.

Sub. Code. SUBJECTS Credit
   GM 3.1    Business Law    4
   GM 3.2    Financial Management II    4
   GM 3.3    Human Resource Management    4
   GM 3.4    Project Management    4
   GM 3.5    Management Information System    4
   GM 3.6    Logistics & Supply Chain Management    4
   GM 3.7    CRM    2
   GM 3.8    Decision Science & Modeling    2
   GM 3.9    Personality Development Laboratory    2
   Total    30
   SUMMER INTERNSHIP (4 weeks)    10
   I Year Grand Credit and Marks Total    100

Basic Management Electives: Trimester IV of 12 week duration provides basic/general topics of two elective areas. The course is designed in such a way that students can choose two areas with 3 papers in each area as their electives/specialization.

Sub. Code    SUBJECTS Credit
   GM 4.1.    Strategic Management    4
   GM 4.2    International Business    4
   GM 4.3    Elective A1    4
   GM 4.4    Elective A2    4
   GM 4.5    Elective A3    4
   GM 4.6    Elective B1    4
   GM 4.7    Elective B2    4
   GM 4.8    Elective B3    4
   Total    32

Management Project: Trimester V of 8 weeks is meant for industrial project in an elective area. In fact, this 8 week individual project is the unique strength of SSB PGDM Programme. Management Project includes the project plan presentation, industry project/market research, project report presentation, and viva-voce.

Sub. No. SUBJECTS Credit
   1    Project Plan Presentation    2
   2    Industry Project    8
   3    Project Report Presentation    6
   4    Viva-voce    4
   Total    20

Advanced Management Electives: Trimester VI of 12 weeks duration provides students to learn advanced topics of their field of specialization. Students will study 6 papers, 3 in each elective/specialization along with a common paper.

Sub. Code
   GM 6.1
   Technology Management
   GM 6.2
   Elective A4
   GM 6.3
   Elective A5
   GM 6.4
   Elective A6
   GM 6.5
   Elective B4
   GM 6.6
   Elective B5
   SM 6.7
   Elective B6
   II Year Total
   Grand Total for Course


Elective Courses: SSB offers dual specialization with six papers in each specialization. During trimester four and six students can opt for 24 elective credits.  Courses are combined to offer you fourteen elective areas or majors.

  •  General Management
  •  Finance
  •  Marketing
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  E-Business & Information Technology Management
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Operations Management
  •  Strategy and Leadership
  •  Hospitality & Tourism
  •  Hospital Administration
  •  Productivity & Innovation
  •  Banking & Insurance
  •  Retail Management
  •  Airport & Flight Management