Short-term Certificate Course On Nano Science And Technology (Stcnst) For High School Students (Stcnst 1) And Puc/+2 Students (Stcnst 2)


This will be a certificate course for High School students and PUC/+2 students separately, to create the awareness on the importance of Nano Science and Technology.  We will be identifying a nodal officer from each institution, course syllabus and study materials (hard copy, prepared text books) with details will be supplied to the students through the nodal officer. Based on the strength of students registered for the course, exams will be conducted (objective type: 50 marks for High School students and 100 marks for PUC, with an exam duration of 1 hour) at SIT or in their own institution. After valuation the certificates (STCNST 1 or STCNST 2) will be supplied to the students with grades (based on their marks) through the nodal officer.

Proposed course fees: Rs. 200 for high school students, Rs. 500 for PUC/+2 students

Working plan:
1) Preparation of list of high schools/PUC – collecting their contact details (work assigned to NT student volunteers)
2) Preparation of STCNST 1 and 2 course syllabus and study materials, separately (Work assigned to NT staff)
3) Contacting the institutions over e-mail/phone call to convey the details of the course
4) During the odd semester vacation (December 2015 – January 2016) student volunteers will be visiting the institutions to provide the study materials and the details of the course and to collect the details of student registration, fees and consolidating it.
5) If suggested, two – three hour teaching sessions will be conducted at SIT or at their own institution by staff of NT based on the strength of the students registered.
6) Exams question papers (50 marks for high school students and 100 marks for PUC) and scheme of evaluation will be set by the head of the department.
7) Preparation of certificates (work will be assigned to NT staff)
8) Required number of photo copy of question papers will be supplied to the nodal officer if the exams are conducted at their own institutions, and Nodal officer held responsible for the smooth conduction of the exams under the supervision of the institution head.
9) If the exams are to be conducted at SIT, students of NT department will be taking up the room invigilation duties under the super vision of the head and staff of NT.
10) Nodal officer has to make arrangements of sending the answer scripts to head of department of NT if the exams are conducted at their own institution.
11) Staff of NT will be evaluating the answer scripts and providing the grades (Above and equal to 80% A++ grade; less than 80% and above & equal to 70% A+ grade; less than 70% and above and equal to 60% A grade; less than 60% B grade; less than 35% no grade, course attending certificate only).
12) Exams: proposed plan for the month of MARCH/APRIL 2016.
13) Certificates (signed by Higher Authority) will be supplied to the students through the nodal officer. Nodal officer can be called during an appropriate Srinivas Group Event and the appreciation letters will be issued to them during the function by the chief guest.
14) Same working plan will continue for the next academic years.

Important Events on:

August-September 2015: Collecting the contact details of various institutions
October 2015: Communication with the institutions with complete details
November 2015: Analysing the response from the institution and preparing work plan accordingly
December 2015 – January 2016: Collecting the details of student registration and fees
February 2016: Arranging teaching sessions if required
March/April 2016: Exam
June 2016: Certificate writing and posting
Proposal by:

Dr. Prasad P.,
HoD, Dept of Nano Technology; 9482331531

August 19, 2016

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