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Masters in Business Administration

Head of the Department: Hariprakash U.P

After Joining SIT

  • Prof. Hariprakash U.P, Private Labels In Indian Retail Industry, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, ISSN 2231 5780, Vol.1 Issue 8, December 2011.

  • Prof. Hariprakash U.P and Dr. Beeran Moidin B.M , A “Comparative Study on Shopping Variables Influencing Grocery Store Choice among Organised and Unorganised Grocery Shoppers in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, India”, Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management, Social Sciences & Technology ISSN 2320 – 2939, Vol- 13 No. 13 Jan 2016.

Faculty name: Dr. Ambika Mallya G

After joining SIT

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Faculty Name: Steevan Robert Tellis

After Joining SIT

  • The scope of catastrophe bonds as a catastrophe risk financing alternative in india: a study focused on catastrophe losses over the last five years”, excel international journal of multidisciplinary management studies vol.2 issue 2, February 2012, ISSN 2249 8834.

Faculty Name: Veena Santhosh Rai

After Joining SIT

  • On coping Strategies Adopted by Employees in Technical Educational Institution to Manage Stress –an Explorative Study”International conference 37th World Management Congress Indira Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University, Ziro Commonwealth Society for Innovation & Research. Date: 3 & 4 December 2016 ,. ISSN2277-9302.Vol.VI, Issue 8(I).(IJMR),pp25-36

  • Stress management among students and its impact on their effective learning ”Published a paper in International Journal of Engineering Research and Modern Education (IJERME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 4200 ( Volume I, Issue I, 2016 355 ,pp355-362

  • On “An Outlook of the Status of Rural Women Entrepreneur”: Agribusiness Perspective” at ALVAS Institute of engineering & Technology Department of Business Administration on 30th April 2016.with ISBN No:978-93-81195-86-4,pp.23-28

  • On “Contemporary issues in Work LIFE Balance and stress management on “2nd International Education and Leadership summit IELS 24th feb 2016 in Pune ISSN No-2277,9310,pp.34-37.

  • On “Changing Landscape of E-Commerce-An Effective Sales strategy In Marketing.” Innovative Practices in Management, IT, Education and social Sciences on at Srinivas Institute of Management Studies on 17th October 2015 ISSNNo-22490558.pp.388-395.

Faculty Name: Rashmi

After joining SIT

  • Rashmi “An Outlook of the Status of Rural Women Entrepreneur” ISBN No:978-93-81195-86-4, pp.23-28April 2016

  • Rashmi “M-Commerce: The Future of E-Commerce” International Research Journal of Commerce, Business and Social Science (IRJCBSS), ISSN: 2277-9310 Vol.VI, Issue 8 (I), December 2016.

  • Rashmi “Contemporary issues in work life balance and Stress management” International Research Journal of Commerce, Business and Social Science (IRJCBSS), ISSN: 2277-9310 Vol .IV, Issue 10 (II), February 2016.

Faculty name : Praveena D.

After joining SIT

  • Praveena D “Automation in Banking Sector & its Effectiveness” “International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research (IJMR) – ISSN 2277-9302 Vol.V,issue11(IV) March, 2016”

  • Praveena D “How to balance the core stake holders of the company?” “International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research (IJMR) – ISSN 2277-9302 Vol.VI, issue9 (II) Jan, 2017”.

Faculty Name: Mallika

After joining SIT

  • Mallika “Development of Rural Banks through Rural Entrepreneurship and its changing landscape” ISBN NO: 978-93-81195-86-4 pp.29-31, April 2016.

  • Mallika, “Automation in Banking Sector & Its Effectiveness” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR) ISSN: 2277-9302 Vol. V, Issue 11 (IV) pp. 52-55, March 2016.

  • Mallika “Changing Landscape of E-Commerce-An Effective Sales strategy In Marketing.” International Journal of management, IT and Engineering (IJMIE) ISSN: 2249-0558.pp.388-395, October 2015

Faculty name: Pramod Nayak B

After joining SIT

  • Pramod Nayak B“How to balance the core stake holders of the company?” “International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research (IJMR) – ISSN 2277-9302 Vol.VI, issue9 (II) Jan, 2017”

  • Pramod Nayak B “Contemporary issues in Work Life Balance and Stress Management “International Research Journal of Commerce, Business & Social Science(IRJCBSS) ISSN 2277-9310 Vol.IV, issue 10(II) Feb 2016”

  • Pramod Nayak B “Cross Functional Integration to Optimize Manufacturing Process” “International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology E-ISSN:2231-5381 P-ISSN:2349-0918 NCAMES, 2016”