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Information Science & Engineering

Head of the Department: Janardhana Bhat K

After joining SIT

  • Saranya Balaram and Janardhan. K , ”Cell Density based Traffic Information system on vehicular Adhoc networks” International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical,Electronics, Instrumentation and control Engineering, Vol no-3,Special issue-1, April 2015.

Faculty Name: Athmaranjan K

After joining SIT

  • Athmaranjan K , Santhosh Kumar S, Sudarshan K, Aravind Naik “Smart Data Server for Smart Shops ”,  IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering,Volume 11Issue 2, pp- 51-56, 2013.

  • Athmaranjan K, Santhosh kumar S, Lohith, Basavanagouda Patil., “Smart Message Communication for Warrior”, International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, Vol. 3, Issue No. 5, Paper ID 34261, 2013.

Faculty Name: Mahiba T

After joining SIT

  • Mahiba T, on “Live Virtual Machine Migration in Dynamic Resource Management of Virtualized Cloud Systems”, International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering & Technology, vol.1, july, 2013.

  • Mahiba T, Jeyashree, “A Review On Resource Management In Cloud Computing”, the International Conference on Cloud Computing and Computer Science (ICCCS), May 2013.

Faculty Name: Swathi

Before joining SIT

  • Sharmila M Kumari and Swathi Salian. “Appearance based Techniques for Face Recognition: A Comparative Study”, IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies ICICT(5):1-7, October 2014.

  • Sharmila Kumari , Swathi Salian, “Discriminative DCT Based Face Recognition: An Efficient and Accurate Approach”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (IJIRCCE), Vol.2, Special Issue 5, ISSN (Print): 2320-9798, 2014.

After joining SIT: