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Path we travel towards excellence
    1. Helping the Students to Set Life Goals where they wanted to reach according to their Areas of Interest.
    2. Discover the Strength and Weakness in them and overcoming the Weakness by empowerment.
    3. To Involve, Assigning Responsibilities to the Students to Perform Activities.
    4. Facilitate the development of all round Personality with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances.
    5. To ensure the development of a broad career plan to meet the Social Problems.
    6. Enabling the Students to take part in the Selection Procedures through the Carrier Guidance, Interviews and Soft Skill Development.
    7. Help the Student to Develop Positive Attitude.
    8. Encouraging the Students to do The Career Practicum in their Specializations and NGOs.
    9. Providing Good Orientation, Rural Camps, Community Survey, Research activities.
    10. Creating Leaders through Organizing Workshops, Seminars and Street Plays.
    11. Encouraging the Students to Attend Workshops and Present Papers in different National and State Level Seminars conducted by other Institutions.
    12. Guiding them in Group Discussions, Role Plays, Buzz Group Exercises, Brain Storming etc.
    13. Encouraging extension Programme through SIRRA (Srinivas Institute for Rural Reconstruction Agency) an NGO for Rural and Urban Problems.
    14. Counseling and Mentoring of the Students for detecting the Student Stress.