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 Note: SU-CET Entrance test for MSW course will be held on 30th July. Please contact office for more details

Title of the programme

The programme shall be called the Master Degree in Social Work (M.S.W.)


Duration of the programme

The programme shall extend over a period of four semesters, each semester comprising eighteen weeks including the period of preparation and examination.


Eligibility for Admission

  1.       Admission to the first year programme shall be open to the candidates who have passed B.A./B.Sc./B.Com/B.S.W./B.B.M degree programme of Mangalore University or any other examination recognised by the University as equivalent there to with 40% aggregate excluding languages.
  2.       The candidates should secure minimum pass marks in the MSW entrance test conducted by the BOE of Srinivas University.


Scheme of entrance examination

  1.       Entrance test will have total 60 marks of one mark each and the duration is one hour.
  2.       All questions are objective type
  3.       Questions contain General Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General knowledge and General English language.
  4.       There is no negative marks for wrong answers


Model entrance examination Questions is given below

General Aptitude

  1.       If 20% of man’s salary is paid as rent, 60 % are his living expenses and 10% is paid in LIC. If he spends remaining Rs.300/- on the education of the children, find his salary.
  2.     Rs. 3,000/-         B. Rs. 1,000/-         C. Rs. 10,000/-   D. Rs. 6,000/-

(Answer: ‘A’)


  1.       15 men do a work in 20 days. In how many days will 20 men do the full work?
  2.     30 days                  B. 15 days                   C. 40 days        D. None of these       (Answer  ‘B’)


Reasoning Ability

  1.       Which word does NOT belong with the others?
  2.     Tulip                      B.  rose                        C.  Bud           D.Daisy

(Answer ‘C’)


  1.       Unfamiliar to the group
  2.       Surgery                  b. disease                     c. Patient         d.  Receptionist

(Answer ‘D’)


General Knowledge

  1.       Indian Constitution Day will be observed on
    a) November 26          b) October 26              c) December 26   d) January26               (Answer is option ‘A’)


  1.       Which state government of India has recently raised 33 % quota for women in government jobs?
    a) Uttar Pradesh          b) Himachal Pradesh   c) Andhra Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh      (Answer is option ‘D’)


  1.       Gandhiji first started his Satyagraha Movement in
    a) Peitermaritzberg, South Africa                   b) Sabarmati, India
    c) Johhanesberg, South Africa                        d) Dandi, India

(Answer is option ‘C’)

General English language

Rearrange the sentence

  1.       Cattles/ were grazing/ near our farm/ in the meadows.

A                            B                        C                                   D

A)    A,  D, C, A           B) B, C, D, A              C) D, A, B, C  D) No error

Answer:   ‘D’; Cattles/ were grazing/ in the meadows/ near our farm.


  1.       The most interesting book/ I have/ ever read/ this is one of

A          B                C              D

A) A, B, C, D            B) B, C, D, A              C) D, A, B, C             D) No error

Answer:   ‘C’; This is one of the most interesting book I have ever read.


  1.   Tick the correct sentence below:
  2.       I  am doing this work for 4 hours
  3.       I  have been doing this work for four hours

(Answer ‘B’)