Surgery at srinivas hospital mukka Mangalore

Obstetrics and gynecology surgery

1. Caesarean section
2. MTP procedures
3. Cervical encirclage
4. Tubal sterilization ( laparoscopy / open)
5. Hysterectomy ( abdominal / vaginal / laparoscopy)
5. Dilatation and curettage
6. Cervical biopsy ( including colposcopy guided)
7. Diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility
8. Operative procedures for benign ovarian cysts and malignant ovarian tumors
9. Tubal surgeries – for ectopic pregnancy, tuboplasty
10. Myomectomy
11. Uterine prolapse surgeries
12. Hysteroscopy

Paediatric Surgery
1)Neonatal surgery -structural birth defects. 2)Paediatrics hydronephrosis-pelviureteric junction obstructions and vesicoureteric reflux.
3)Paediatric Oncosurgery- Wilms’s tumour , neuroblastoma ,soft tissue sarcoma.
4)Complex urological birth defects -exstrophy
5)Therapeutic and diagnostic bronchoscopy
6)Congenital hydrocephalus and neural tube defects.
8)Cleft lip and palate corrections.
9)Paediatric thoracic cysts and esophageal replacement .
10)Paediatric thoracoscopy and advanced laparoscopy.
11)Surgery for (intersex) disorder of sexual differentiation.

General surgery

1. Appendicetomy (laproscopy/open)
2.hernia (laproscopy /open)
3.cholecystectomy(laproscopy /open)
4.thyroid surgeries (benign /malignant)
Breast surgeries (benign /malignant)
6.perianal surgeries (hemorrhoids /fissure /fistula in ano)
7.emergency /elective abdominal surgeries
8.curative / palliative surgeries for abdominal malignancies
9.vascular surgeries (varicose vein/PVD/aneurysms)

ENT Surgery (EAR)
1) Tympanoplasty ( repair of ear drum)
2) Mastoidectomies( removal of disease from ear)
3)Ear cyst and sinus excisions ( for swellings and discharge around the ear)
4) Myringotomy and Grommet insertion ( for drainage of fluid behind ear drum)
1) Septoplasty ( correction of nasal septum)
2) FESS( endoscopy assisted sinus surgery)

1) Tonsillectomy ( removal of tonsil)
2) Adenoidectomy ( removal of adenoids)
3) Excisions of swellings in and around oral cavity
4) Rigid scopies( direct laryngoscopy, esophagoscopy, microlaryngoscopy)
5) Micro laryngeal surgeries( Microscopic surgeries of voice box)
1) Thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid)
2) Excision of neck swellings ( all types of cysts, masses)

Eye – ophthalmology surgery
Cataract surgery, lacrimal sac surgeries, pterygium surgery, lid tear repair, corneal tear repair, glaucoma surgeries