Department Of Pharmacology


Department of Pharmacology have organised a Continuing Medical Education (CME) “PHARMASIMS-2015” (An Update on Diabetes Mellitus and Pharmacovigilance) on 5th December 2015 at Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Mukka from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Dr.Tara.V.Shanbhag –

Attended the “Elsevier Author Workshop 2016” conducted by Reed Elsevier India Private Limited at Manipal on 9th August 2016.

Dr. M.R.S.M Pai-

Attended the workshop on ‘V-Smart: Visibility in Social Media and Research Transmission ‘.

Conducted by Department of Pharmacology Kasturba Medical College. Manipal University on 23rd July 2016.

Department of Pharmacology – Publications

  1. Seema Rai, Seemee Khilji, Lavanya G. Rao, PuneetHegde , SaritaGonsalves,Tara V Shanbhag.Prescribing pattern and adverse events of drugs used in patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) attending a tertiary care hospital: Retrospective study. National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology.Published Online First:01 Sep 2016  (Hard copy In Press expected to Publish in 2017 ; 7 (2) ).
  2. Sharada ShriRao,P.V.Narayanan.A Randomised open label comparative clinical trial on the  efficacy of  latanoprost  and timolol in Primary open angle glaucoma.Journal of Clinical& Diagnostic Research 2016;10(1): FC13-FC15.
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  7. Seema.Rai, Nishchal B S, Raghu M N, PrathibhaKumari V, Tara V Shanbhag, M.R.S.M.Pai. Gemifloxacin: anxiogenic activity in Wistar albino rats.World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015 ;4(07):1870-1876.
  8. Socorrina Colaco,RameshN,SekarRajan,SubramaniaNainarMeyyanathan.A single-Dose ,Three-Period,Six –Sequence Crossover Study Comparing the Bioavailability Study of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide sustained Release (SR) Tablet and the Immediate Release (IR) Tablet in Healthy Volunteers Under Fasting Condition. Journal of Biological Sciences .2015;15(2):102-105.
  9. Socorrina Colaco,RameshN,SekarRajan,SubramaniaNainarMeyyanathan. Comparative bioavailability study of Ondansetron Hydrochloride Sustained Release and immediate release tablets in healthy volunteers under fasting conditions. International Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and health care.2015;5(3):74-81.
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  14. AnandKoppal, Praveen SE, TaraShanbhag, Ankitakushal, Don Mathew, Smita Shenoy, NavinPatil. Evaluation of effect of ethanolic extract of Phyllanthus debilis on antitutbercular drugs induced hepatotoxicity in wistar rats. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2014; 3(4):1997-2003.
  15. Vijay Kumar Junjaiah, ShrithiBhimalli, Smita Shenoy, Aparna Pai, Arul Amuthan, TaraV Shanbhag. A Prospective Study of the Drug Prescribing Rate and Pattern and Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions in Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson Disease in a Tertiary Care Hospital. American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics 2014; 2(3):420-429.
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Text Books Authored – By Dr. Tara V Shanbhag

  1. Pharmacology  for Medical Undergraduates: Elsevier, Reed Elsevier India Private Limited -3rd Edition 2015.

Department of Pharmacology – On going Projects

Sl. No. Faculty Name with designation Title of the Project
1 Dr. Tara V Shanbhag -Professor and HOD,

Dr. Raghu M N- Assistant Professor


A Retrospective study of the Drug prescribing rate and pattern and  Assessment of Adverse drug reactions in patients with Malaria caused by P.vivax and P.falciparum in a tertiary care hospital in Karnataka
2 Dr. Tara V Shanbhag -Professor and HOD,

Mrs. PrathibhaKumari V-Tutor


A Study on Prescription of Prostaglandins analogues in Obstetric practice in Tertiary Care Hospital in South India
3 Dr. Tara V Shanbhag -Professor and HOD,

Mr. Nishchal B S -Tutor


A Retrospective Study of Current Status of Chloroquinine in Malaria in a Tertiary care Hospital in coastal India


4 Dr. M.R.S.M.Pai-Professor Clinical study of:causative organisms and drug sensitivity pattern in bacterial conjunctivitis treated in a tertiary care teaching hospital
5 Dr. M.R.S.M.Pai-Professor ,

Mrs. PrathibhaKumari V-Tutor,

Dr.Socorrina.Colaco- Assistant Professor



Study on drug utilization in health campus in rural and semiurban Dakshina Kannada
6 Dr. M.R.S.M.Pai-Professor


Antioxidant potential of Eugenia jambolana in type II Diabetes Mellitus
7 Dr. M.R.S.M.Pai-Professor


Comparative study of anesthetic adjuncts in  laparoscopic cholecystectomy: magnesium sulphate ,clonidine and fentanyl
8 Dr. Raghu M N- Assistant Professor


Prescribing pattern for osteoarthritis in a tertiary care hospital : Anretrospective analysis


9 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Evaluation of Anti-anxiety activity of Camellia sinensis in rats


10 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Evaluation of Anxiolytic activity of Asperagusracemosus in wistar albino rats


11 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Evaluation of effect of Tribulus terrestris in Anxiety models of wistar rats


12 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Effect of ciprofloxacin on haloperidol induced catalepsy in albino mice
13 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Effect of Triphala on isoniazid and Rifampicin induced hepatotoxicity in a murine model of hepatotoxicity


14 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Bioassay of Acetylcholine and herbal extract on isolated rat tissue


15 Ms.Seema.Rai-Tutor Patterns of persistence with antihypertensive medications among newly treated patients