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Dr. P. S. Aithal. M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D. (Physics), M.I.T (IT), M.Tech. (IT), M.Sc. (E-Business), Ph.D. (Management), Post. Doc. at PRL, Ahmedabad & CREOL, UCF, USA.


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There is a lot of chaos and despair around us.  The way in which India handles the management of its many diversities and the extent to which we succeed in promoting an acceptance of the culture of tolerance is making us feel weak and frustrated.  Education can promote secularization of mindsets and help produce men and women of character who can greatly strengthen the foundations of the nation building enterprise.  The youth of today should commit themselves to nation building.  ‘Brand India’ is growing in leaps and bounds.  So is the demand for quality professional.  In a globalised economy, knowledge could be the most powerful tool to take on the challenges in any field.  Regardless of the Industry, professionals who can respond to the new world realities will succeed against all odds.

The challenges posed by the present time are bound to increase the complexities of the system that performs the sacred function of preparing the next generation.  We at SIMS, see education not only as training the youth, but also a service to the society and to the nation.  Our commitment to excellence makes every one of you a competent professional.  We take pride in maintaining an up to date campus in addition to creating ideal learning environment where out students can acquire knowledge and advanced skills in their respective fields enabling them to fulfill their aspirations.  The time you spend with us acquiring knowledge is the most cherish able time of your life.  It determines the direction and success of your future.  As a student, it is wiser for every one of you to be constantly aware of the purpose and orient yourself to become competent professionals.  The awareness of this basic truth should certainly make all of you successful and make us proud in our significant role of nation building.

Together we can make ‘brand India’ more powerful and purposeful.

At SIMS we emphasize on “New Idea Creation” & “Identifying and encashing opportunities”

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