• Spacious Class Rooms: The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and are equipped with all the necessary presentation facilities like LCD projector, overhead projector, and slide projector.
  • Microbiology Lab & Biotechnology Lab: To carry out microbiological experiments like identification of bacteria, motility, sterility testing, microbiological assays etc.
  • Pharmacognosy lab: To study the morphological characteristics of crude drugs. To isolate and to estimate the active principles from plant sources.   
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab: To study the various systems of human body. To study the structural aspect of human body.               
  • Pharmacology Lab: Testing of drugs obtained from chemical, plant and mineral sources. To study the pharmacological aspects of the drugs    
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab I: Identification and preparation of organic compounds. To carry out the limit test and impurity analysis of the given compounds.          
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab II: Assay of medicinally important drugs and monograph analysis. To study the various aspects of synthesizing newer drugs. 
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab III: For the Quantitative determination of organic compounds by functional group analysis. Synthesis of compounds involving multiple steps.         
  • Instrumentation lab: Equipped with latest analytical instruments. Student carryout analysis of physical and chemical parameters of the compounds 
  • Pharmaceutics lab-I: Preparation of various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquid orals etc.
  • Pharmaceutics lab-II: To study the physical properties of drugs and formulations. Study of unit operations like drying, evaporation, filtration etc.